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The Wrapped Box Trick


Hello Viewers,

Gift BoxCreative Commons License

One Way Stock via Compfight

In my family some years me and my sisters like to something I like to call the wrapped box trick. What this trick does is if you get someone a gift card or chocolate or something small, this trick will make the gift look a lot larger. We like to do this trick because we like to make the presents we give each other bigger than they are. This is a fairly simple step by step process but WARNING! It will use up a lot of wrapping paper.

1. Get you supplies

The supplies needed are:

Wrapping paper, something heavy a box or two and the small gift

2. Wrap the gift a bunch of times

3. If you got a box, put it in the box and add something hard to make it heavier

4. Wrap, wrap and wrap again

5. Put it under the tree

If you did this trick comment that you did it. If you did, who did you use this trick on? What did you get them?

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Zombie time



Day 43: The day they found me,I was traveling around the city of Toronto looking for some food or other things to help me survive. I was remembering the day the apocalypse started. I was at a meeting for my job. As the boss of my own shoe company, I had to have a meeting in Montreal to talk about the new shoe design. We were planning on selling them all over North America on November 20th 2016. But wait, the release date should have been… TODAY! Well, it’s too late now unless zombies want to buy shoes.

When I was searching around the city looking for items to salvage hopefully to find some shoes because I have only a couple more pairs from my company. I was in an alleyway because I saw a pair and just as I was going to grab them, they found me. The horde of zombies big and small have found me and were chasing me. I had no weapons to fight them with, so all I could do was run. Even if I had a weapon of some sort, it would be useless against this army. I found a forest to hopefully lose them. I dashed through with barely any thoughts in my mind, I only thought one thing: “Get out of there, survive the horde, you can do it!”

I felt the crisp Autumn wind, I heard the leaves crunching on my feet. I also heard the enormous mob of zombies behind me who wanted to eat my brains! I was running and running and BAM! I tripped on a root sticking out of the ground. I tried to get up but I was stuck, caught in the same root that tripped me. I saw the horde get closer and closer to me. All I could do was struggle and hope that I get out of there alive and not become one of those monsters. As the zombies got so close, I could smell the rotten zombie flesh getting stronger and stronger. I remembered, the shoes have a bottle cap opener on the bottom, it’s not a knife but it’ll have to work. I sawed at it for what seemed for ever. One zombie got so close I had to smack him away. The root finally broke, and I was free! I sprinted faster than I’ve ever sprinted before. I made sure I didn’t trip this time so I could make it out of that forest. I saw the way out, the thought of getting out of there just made me go faster. I made it out of that dreadful forest and looked behind me. I couldn’t even see the zombies at all.

I did it, I survived. But I still had to run from them and make sure they never found me again. As the sun was setting, I found a hotel nearby. I broke in and blocked all windows and doors so the zombies couldn’t see me or get in. I found I bed on the first floor and I fell asleep before my head hit the mattress…

Should I make a part 2?



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Squats For Days


Our group testing a squater

Hello viewers,

Do you like squats? Well, in my class some people are really good. We did a data analysis project in groups and our project was based on squats.

Inquiry Question

Our inquiry question was. How many squats can you do in thirty seconds?


The equipment my group used was:

  1. A timer to to time the 30 seconds
  2. A pencil and a piece of paper to record the results


  1. Get the victim
  2. Start timer
  3. Count squats
  4. Record it
  5. Find the mean, median, mode, and range

Control Standards

Control standards are like rules to make the experiment or test fair. My groups control standards were:

  1. Squat with hands out in front of you
  2. Start with hands at side
  3. Down into sitting on tiny chair position
  4. Legs should length apart

Improper squats didn’t count.


My prediction was that the average would be about 25. The highest anyone would have gotten was 30. The lowest anyone would get is 20.

Our Data

The number of squats the kids we recorded did were:

16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 24, 24, 25, 25, 26, 26, 28, 28, 28, 29, 31, 33

Daniel got 33, come checkout his blog right here.

Analysis Of Our Data:

We had no outliers for this project. We were going to say that 16 was an outlier but then we decided to not say that they were one because there was only a four number difference. For mean, median, mode and range we got this:

Mean: 25.3 (What you do is add all the data points (numbers) in the data set then divide it by the number of data pints in the set. So the equation is: 16+20+21+22+23+24+24+24+25+25+26+26+28+28+28+29+31+33= 406÷17= 25.3)

Median: 25 (because 25 was the data point in the middle of our data set)

Mode: 25, 24 and 28 (Because that was the two most common data points in the data set.)

Range: 17 (how to get the range is you take the biggest data point then subtract the smallest into it so the equation is 33-16=17)

I think that the mean is the most appropriate measure to use because all of the numbers don’t have a big difference to each other.

This has been my data analysis project, comment below any concerns or questions.


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Emergency Preparedness


Hello Viewers,

In Case of Tidal Wave, RUN! Great Beyond via Compfight

We have been learning about emergency preparedness in our class and with blogging. The disasters we have are usually earthquakes. If there ever is an emergency when you’re sleeping or in your room, here’s a list of things to have in a bedside emergency kit.

  1. Food to have if you’re hungry
  2. Water because you need water
  3. Clothes because if you’re in your PJ’s, you’ll probably want clean clothes
  4. A flashlight or a device because the power will go out, so you’ll need a light to see everything
  5. Money (optional) if you loose everything, you’ll need money to buy food or water or clothes

If there’s anything I missed, tell me in the comments. What kind of disasters do you have?


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One Minute Bottle Flip Challenge


Welcome viewers,

I came up with an idea called the 1 minute bottle challenge. What you do is you see how many times you can flip a bottle in a minute. My score after 2 attempts is 40. If you like my idea, try it and see how you do. When you finish the challenge, tell me how many did you get? Did anybody else already come up with this idea? 1 minute timer is right here.

Water 1

NFarmer via Compfight


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Weekly Recipe Review: Crepes


Hi Viewers,

I love things, but one of my favorites are sweet breakfast crepes. I have never had a savory crepe, so If you’ve ever had a savory crepe, tell me what was inside the crepe? The website for the recipe I have right here. I like to put canned peaches, strawberries, whipped cream, and maple/butter syrup. What do you like to put on your crepes?

After Kayak treat

Creative Commons License Amy Meredith via Compfight


I love making crepes a LOT! That’s the best part about the crepes. (Besides eating them.) You put the strawberries and the syrup inside, then you roll it up and put more syrup and whipped cream on top. When you bite into the crepe you get the buttery crepe, with the sweet fruits and berries, the creamy whipped cream, and the maple from the syrup is a one to remember.


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Dear viewers,

What is home? Can you buy it in a store? Can you find it? Can you take it?

I think a home is a place where you’re safe from danger. Never to get punched, slapped, called names or hurt from the outside world. Home is where the family comes over to visit you and your family for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or even Remembrance day. Home is sitting by the fire on a cold day. Home is watching a movie with your family. Home is a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in. Home is one of the best things of your life.

Old Los Angeles

Creative Commons License Matthias Ripp via Compfight


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Weekly Recipe Review: Banana Cream Pie


Hi Viewers,


Photo Taken By jeffreyw

My friend Hudson suggested to do this recipe for Banana Cream Pie. If you want to see the website click Right Here. If you want to go to Hudson‘s blog, click on his name.


I have not had this recipe before, but I’ve made and eaten banana cream pie and it was really delectable. I made this pie with my Grandma and she makes the best pies and desserts. I love to make pie with her for Thanksgiving and other desserts for Christmas. My favorite kind of pie is strawberry rhubarb. What is your favorite kind of pie?


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Weekly Recipe Review: Maple Bacon Cupcakes


Bacon red velvet cupcakes

Hello viewers,

I love cooking and baking so I will try to give you a recipe every week. This recipe is bacon cupcakes with a maple icing, I had them for my birthday and they were delicious. My mom used this recipe.

My review

I love to eat bacon and I love cupcakes, so when my mom put them together, it was heavenly. The maple icing was really mapley and the bacon was candied to perfection. The cupcake was light, and all of it in my mouth was an explosion of flavor.

What is the wackiest flavor of cupcakes you’ve ever had?

Emma Story via Compfight

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Hello world!


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog. I am super excited to start blogging. New posts coming soon!

Sincerely Eli

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